Scales of War

17th Day of Reaping, 4V249

The Raid on Brindol

The hot sun finally dropped lower, casting long shadows across the busy streets of Brindol. Workers and tradesmen quit work for the evening, artisans closed up their booths and shops, and many were enticed to the lively sounds and mouth-watering smells coming from the taverns.

The Antler and Thistle was one such tavern, and within it, several sat, as yet unaware that they were destined for greatness.

  • Lohgan Ravenshade. An Elven artist, born and raised within the city walls but inexplicably knowledgeable in the dark arts of assassination.
  • Brother James. A Human Cleric of Bahamut who lost his parents during the war and was raised by a mysterious sage on the outskirts of Talar.

Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed four hobgoblins. Screaming out the battle cries for Sinruth, and for the Red Hand. The hobgoblins quickly engaged the patrons closest to the door. Shortly thereafter, more hobgoblins and goblins entered, from both the front and back entrances, attacking patrons and setting fire to the inn. Chaos ensued as fighting broke out and people fled for their lives. About half of the bar patrons where saved, and the fire extinguished, but the barmaid Mirtala had been dragged from the inn during the combat and was nowhere to be seen.

Soon after combat, a number of town guardsmen arrived at the scene, along with Lohgan’s twin sister Norah, and pressed the party into the service of the city militia to help quell further hobgoblin attacks, and they were quickly needed.

Around the corner from the Antler and Thistle, a lumbering Ogre was dragging a cart full of explosive casks. As it came into view, the Ogre launched a flaming cask at the group but his shot fell short and hit the cobbled street before the party’s feet. All of the group escaped damage and charged headlong into melee, hoping to engage two sharpshooters in combat and avoid any further barrels being thrown by the Ogre. Their success in the inn however had given them false confidence and they took some serious damage, all but Norah falling unconscious as a result of severe injuries. However, Lohgan was able to fight through the pain and regain his conciousness and, waiting until the Ogre was near on top of him, he spread poison over his Katar and reached up to deal a fatal blow.

As the party tended their wounds, they were met by a second group of city militia coming from another direction. They were on their way to the bridge to help with the fighting there. After a short break, the adventurers made for the bridge only to find that the fighting was over and that the resurgent Red Hand had fled into the night.

The rest of the night was spent tending to the wounded, putting out fires, recovering the dead and assessing the damage.

Rumors abound that this was just a raid and that the rest of the resurgent Red Hand Army will arrive shortly. The citizens of Brindol are in a near panic. It may have been 23 years since the Red Hand War, but enough people remember the terrible Siege of Brindol.



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