Scales of War

18th Day of Reaping, 4V249

Tracking the Red Hand

On the morning following the raid on Brindol, Alys, message runner for the Brindol City Council sought out the individuals who had handled themselves admirably during the goblin attacks, tracking them down quickly and efficiently as she informed them that Councilman Eofrram Troyas wished to meet with them at the ninth bell. All four assembled outside of Troyas’ house, and were shown immediately into Troyas’ study where they found the half-elf pacing. He spoke with the group at length, taking the measure of each individual, before describing the offer he he had for them. Citizens of Brindol had been taken, and precious treasures from the Great Hall of Valor had also been stolen. However, the party were distrustful of his secrecy and refused to commit to a deal before a meeting could be arranged with the entire council. Before the full council, with all intentions laid out clear and plain, mutual trust was finally established and the party set off to the stocks where they had permission to interrogate Morrick, a hobgoblin captured in the previous night’s raid.

Inexperienced in the art of bartering with prisoners, the party was unable to get the hobgoblin to talk, although they did convince the council to allow them to take Morrik on as a guide on the condition that they return him safely to stand trial.

Unfortunately, Morrik spent most of the time pleading to be untied, and was only a rough guide at best. Closing on the Castle Rivenroar, Lohgan’s eyes failed him. He had trouble picking out the goblin tracks, and the party stumbled upon a nest of kruthiks, reptilian critters with toxic tail spikes. Fortunately for everyone, the accuracy of their tail flicks was poor and soon the kruthiks and their young fell to the adventurers’ blades. Picking their way back to the trail, they forged onward, making better time as the sun went down.

As they reached the castle walls, they made camp amongst the ruins and waited for the morning to begin their rescue attempt.



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