Scales of War

19th Day of Reaping, 4V249

Into the Catacombs

The group awoke, and after a brief argument about what was to be done with Morrik, decided it would be better for everyone if he never made it back to Brindol. Soon after the execution, the party found stairs descending into the ruins. Loghan led the way into the darkness.

At the base of the stairs, a quartet of hobgoblins was waiting, with two goblins guarding the door behind them. There were three sets of doors, and two burning braziers that filled the room with light. They charged forward before anyone could react, and bottled the adventurers up in the stairwell.

The group eventually killed the hobgoblins and tried to determine the best course of action. Brandis noticed that their were a large number of goblin tracks leading to the door to the left of the entrance. In light of the fact, the group decided it would serve them best to head through the central doors.

At the base of a long set of stairs, the party discovered a chamber completely buried in colonies of fungus. Picking his way through, Lohgan realised that he recognised several of the mushroom species, an begun harvesting them.

Meanwhile, two rage drakes were creeping up on the party. Norah sprung to the aid of her brother, setting off a group of Shrieker Mushrooms. Brandis managed to pluck up a cloudspore and quickly ate it, unaware of its effects until upon requesting healing, James replied that he had no idea where he was, despite being only five feet away. By the time the concealment wore off, Lohgan and Norah had slain one of the drakes, and Brandis quickly lured the other into a patch of Slumberspores.

Slipping over the unconscious drake, the party found themselves in a cold stone room, with an elderly woman lying in the centre of a magic circle. The woman was Zerriksa, who Lohgan and Norah recognised as the witch of Brindol. Zerriksa explained that she was not really able to wield magic, but that the goblins had believed the rumours and trapped her in a magic suppressing cage. James begun to dispel the magic aura, and the rest of the party secured the entrance so the they could use it to rest in.



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