Scales of War

20th Day of Reaping, 4V249

Rescue at Rivenroar

Waking early, the party backtracked past the rage drake in the mushroom chamber, who with his face in a pile of Slumberspores, was unlikely to trouble them. They decided to follow the tracks in the main chamber this time and stumkbled through in to the goblin’s living quarters—and stayed on the alert. The hobgoblins their quickly formed a phalanx to blocked the group in the corridor.

After another tough battle, Lohgan ran North, down a long dark corridor which had sourced several goblin archers in reinforcement to the phalanx. His quick reflexes let him leap and swing over several dark pits with ease and coming to a corner. The room around the corner was brightly lit and filled with some waiting hobgoblins. Lohgan was quick to move into position and fire a crossbow bolt through a hobgoblin’s head, killing him instantly. The other hobgoblins charged towards him while an archer took up a post on top of a sarcophagus.

Meanwhile, Brandis had turned off to the left of the corridor and when he entered the side chamber, he noticed the flickering image of another world across the expanse of the wall to his right. He begun to examine the image and as he did, a clear, oozing jelly squelched out of the image, cutting him off from the main passage-way. He cried out to James and Norah, who had stayed in the living quarters to protect Zerriksa. They decided to try and find another way around and quickly joined Brandis in fighting the jelly. Although they were ambushed by the ghosts, they eventually won the fight and ran to join Lohgan.

Just as they finished mopping up the hobgoblins, they noticed a guard drake heading down the spiral staircase towards the back of the room.
While preparing to do battle with the drake, they managed to break open several of the Rivenroar family sarcophagi, James finding a Symbol of Hope and Lohgan picking up a pair of Swiftpad Boots.

The party cornered the guard drake at the base of the staircase and made short work of the creature. Ascending to the upper level of the catacombs, the party came to a small landing covered in webs. There they found the body of Kartenix, who had been slain while trying to overpower his captors. They killed the ettercaps still guarding the corpse, then tossed a coin to decide whether they would head upstairs or down.
The result designated down, and they took the stairs South, emerging in the Von Urstadt crypt. As they entered the room, a door to the North swung open, two creatures made out of magma appeared in the doorway, guardians of some kind. The party pushed them up against the wall, but were unaware that two Gnomes where sneaking around behind them. The gnomes attacked the party with combat advantage and wounded several of them. Thankfully, James was able to heal their injuries and the party eventually destroyed the magma creatures and killed the gnome skulks. Brandis found the tomb of the Thane Von Urstadt and from it recovered the Thane’s Blood Mace.

Continuing through the door that the magma guardians had appeared from, the party made their way down another flight of stairs to a room that smelled of decay and human excrement. A dignified gentleman with graying hair was in one of the jail cells and he adjusted his slightly-cracked monocle as he realized these weren’t his captors. Sertanian recognized Brandis, as he had been a foot soldier in the war against the Red Hand of Doom and the two had served beside each other.
Lohgan picked the cell’s lock and Sertanian explained that Mirtala, the barmaid from the Antler and Thistle, had been kept with him until recently in a small fresco chamber off from the Rivenroar crypt. The party continued along the passageways of the catacombs, finding their way back to the chamber where they had fought the jelly. Knowing that this was close to where Mirtala should be, the hurried through to the fresco chamber.

Mirtala, eyes wild with terror, was tied to an alter to the Raven Queen with dire rats biting at her. The group quickly dispatched the rats, and even handled the gnomes lurking in the shadows who tried to ambush the adventurers. James contracted Filth Fever while trying to treat Mirtala, who was also suffering from the disease.

Mirtala was able to tell them that Adronsius was in the crypt of the family starting with a J, but she didn’t know where that was or how to get there. The party decided that their best bet would be to head up the stairs from the landing where they found Kartenix, first things first though, they decided that they had earned a night’s rest.



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