Scales of War

22nd Day of Reaping, 4V249

Back to Brindol

The adventurers arrived at the gates of Brindol at dawn-break, five days after the raid on the city. Having successfully rescued all but one of townspeople taken during the goblin’s attack, and recovered all of the stolen artefacts.

After taking the time to rest back at the Antler and Thistle, the group met with Lord Eoffram Troyas, who paid them for their help and extended an invitation to a ceremony that was to be held at the Hall of Great Valor that night. The party went along to the event, where the stolen artefacts were returned to their places and a great feast was held in their honour.

During the celebrations, they were approached by Lady Natalia Isidoro who offered them the honour of hosting the Diamond League Day formalities the next morning. However, they were also found by Alys, the council messenger, who handed them a flyer that had arrived while they were in the depths of the Castle Rivenroar catacombs.

The flyer called them to the defence of Overlook, and didn’t give them much time to get there.



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