Scales of War

23rd Day of Reaping, 4V249

The Journey to Overlook

At first light of Diamond League Day in the city of Brindol, while many across the city prepared for the day’s celebrations, Brandis,Lohgan,Norahand James prepared for a much more serious task. They travelled to the town’s stables to secure mounts for themselves after calculating that they would not make it to Overlook in time if they travelled on foot. Meanwhile, Xanfire Wolfbite, the mercenary they had found in the Rivenroar Catacombs, went to the traders markets, where he arranged for a package (Sinruth’s severed hand) to be delivered to his contact in Dennovar. He also requested that his mercenary guild, The Bloodsand Circle, send aid to Overlook, for the sake of the vale. Xanfire then met up with the rest of the group, and his wolf, Poncho.

The group set off on a six day journey, and although they made stops in Talar, Terrelton, Nimon Gap and Drellin’s Ferry to attempt to recruit more to the fight, they found that all those willing to do battle had already made their way to Overlook.



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