Scales of War

The Story so Far

“The world has never been a safe place. Bastions of civilization populate a dark, menacing world – islands of order and reason exit in a land otherwise overrun by dark cults, vile monster, creatures from the dark edges of the imagination, and worse. As deadly as the world is on a normal day, something has begun to stir on the fringes of the civilized Elsir Vale. Formerly the site of an attack by an army known as the Red Hand, the vale has know over two decades of peace since brave adventurers stormed into the teeth of the approaching Hand and sent them scurrying back into darkness.”

You find yourself in the city of Brindol, a walled town of moderate size on the Elsir River, situated in the vale. Brindol serves as the major town for the many small farming villages in this rich and fertile valley. The merchants make use of the river and The Dawn Way – the main trade road.

After two goods seasons and exceptional crops, the summer heat has arrived. It’s been above 37° for the past four days, and there’s been no rain for three weeks. There have been several grass fires lately. The largest one was near Talar. It left several square miles of scorched earth. The fires, coupled with recent bandit attacks in the wilderness have caused the city to swell with outlying farmers “visiting family” for the time. There is a sense of unease and the farmers are restless.

In the past few days, you’ve heard that some threat from the west has the dwarves of Overlook calling any and all local heroes to Overlook where they will amass an army for defense of the Vale.



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