Brandis Earthborn

Level 2 Warden


Level 2 (build?) Warden.
Male Human, aged 45 (born 25th Day of Fireseek 4V204), unalligned. Worships (a god?).

Trained Skills

Languages Known


Thane’s Blood Mace

Swiftpad Boots, Lion’s Claw Gauntlets


Brandis is a veteran of the War of the Red Hand, and after retiring to the quiet life in Dunesend, is now forced to take up arms once again to defend the vale.

Younger than most of the militia he fought alongside, Brandis proved his worth, earning commendations from Lord Warden Harrik Orenna due to your actions in the Battle of Brindol and even sharing a drink with famed adventurer and Hero of Elsir Vale, Edgar Sommerfield. Still, the war had been too much for him, and he swore to a life of peace. Casting a powerful ritual in the hope of severing his connection to the destructive magic he once wielded, Brandis retired to a home in the harsh city of Dunesend, to a life of farming the irrigated fields on the borders of The Thornwaste. But even his most dire efforts could not rid him of the visions that had plagued him since birth. Those visions have grown thicker of late, and where once his talent with reading omens made him the popular sage to the people of Dunesend, more recently he is left tossing and turning in the heat of the night, unable to sleep. In a desperate attempt to make sense of these ill-omens, he made his way to Brindol, the site of his past triumph.

Brandis Earthborn

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