Hobgoblin Chieftan


Male hobgoblin chieftain.


Sinruth is a hobgoblin with greater aspirations than a life spent preying on the fringes of civilization and is the self-titled Warlord of [[Sinruth’s Red Hand | Sinruth’s Hand]].

Sinruth and the reconstituted Red Hand recently conducted a massive raid on the city of Brindol. From this attack Sinruth has brought back seven prisoners and sacked Brindol’s Hall of Great Valor, but at the cost of almost half of his armies’ numbers.

Sinruth was confronted by the party in the depths of the Rivenroar crpyts and slain by Norah Ravenshade. He was found with a note from an unknown person calling themself “the emissary.” It appears this emissary was responsible for providing Sinruth with weapons and additional forces in his bid to destroy Brindol.


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