Edgar Sommerfield

Leader of the Farstriders


Male human warlord.


Edgar Sommerfield was born north of the vale in the city of Jedinchel. He travelled to the Elsir Vale with his band of adventurers the Diamond League. They intended to search for ancient treasures in Vraath Keep at the base of the Wyrmsmoke mountains, however, they were quickly caught up in the invasion of the vale by Azzar Kul’s Red Hand of Doom.

Leading his party to Victory against Azzar Kul, Edgar developed a taste for battle, and unlike the rest of his group, did not retire after their victory. Edgar worked as a sword for hire for a number of years during the peace that followed the War of the Red Hand. He fought in many heroic battles against bandits and remnant goblin clans, but the work never really felt the same.

Three years ago, Edgar decided it was time to form a new adventuring party. Taking several comrades from his mercenary days, and searching the Vale for other brave and skilful adventurers, he put together the Farstriders.

Edgar Sommerfield

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