Level 2 Cleric


Level 2 (build?) Cleric.
Male Human, aged 24 (born 11th Day of Readying 4V225), lawful good alignment. In service to Bahamut.

Trained Skills
Arcana, Diplomacy, Heal, History, Religion

Languages Known
Common, Elven

Ritual Caster, Armor of Bahamut, Superior Implement Training (Accurate symbol), Skill Swap

Accurate Symbol, Mace

Symbol of Hope

Leather Armor


From the moment he was born, the residents of Talar knew James was a blessed child. And so, it came as no surprise to them that when his family were slain during the Red Hand’s invasion, a mysterious sage pulled him out from the chaos and took him under his wing. In the months James spent away from Talar with the old man he was instructed in the importance of honour and justice, and was imbued with a thirst for knowledge that has remained with him to this day. In the Summer months though, the old sage bid him return to his home town for a grounding in the reality of Vale life. It was during these trips back to Talar that James met his oldest and dearest friend, Megan Swiftblade.


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