Lohgan Ravenshade

Level 2 Assassin (Executioner)


Level 2 Executioner Assassin.
Male Elf, aged 20 (born 11th Day of Coldeven 4V229), unalligned. Worships Sehanine.

Trained Skills
Acrobatics, Bluff, Insight, Perception, Stealth

Languages Known
Common, Elven

Two Weapon Defence, Katar Proficiency

Dragon Mark
Mark of Passage

Katar, Garrote, Hand Crossbow

Leather Armour


Lohgan grew up in Brindol. He stuck to himself mostly as he never really fit in. A big part in that is due to the scarcity of other elves in the city.

He was an artist, painting, drawing and producing small statues, ornaments, and decorations for the family shop to sell.

Lohgan was brought into this world beneath an alignment of the stars not seen since the Great Disturbance of 3V515. Lohgan’s twin sister Norah arrived first, bright, smiling, happy. Lohgan came later, an unexpected arrival after birthing was thought finished. This twin looked coldly on the world with dark eyes and silence.
Although they seem like opposites on the outside, they are closer to each other than anyone else and understand one another perfectly. The reasons behind their strange birth are still unknown.

Both Lohgan and Norah were looked upon strangely as children. The only one that understood them was their Uncle whom was more of a parent to them than their own Mother and Father. He became their mentor as they grew, teaching them techniques and styles of art and many other useful traits, including how to wield a blade and move with agility in combat.
One day their Uncle went missing though and whenever the twins would ask anyone who knew him what had happened, they were met with silence.

Without his mentor, Lohgan’s skills as an artist led him to began making and selling works at his parents store. Where as his skills with a blade lead him to the open arms of the assassin’s guild ‘Ghost Talon’.

You can be certain that where ever Lohgan is, his twin sister Norah is not far behind.

Lohgan Ravenshade

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