Xanfire Wolfbite

Level 2 Ranger (Archer)


Level 2 Archer Ranger.
Male Razorclaw Shifter, aged 19 (born 10th Day of Harvester 4V230), unalligned. Worships Moradin.

Trained Skills
Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Nature, Perception

Languages Known
Common, Dwarven

Lethal Hunter, Beast Training

Poncho the Wolf

Longbow, Khopesh

Hide Armour


Here are some of the points we decided on and some questions to guide you, fill out your story around this, you can also work on Poncho’s page. :)

Last of the Breed – You were part of an elite order of roving guardians — the Golden Lion’s Clan – but they’re all gone now and only you remain. What caused the order to die out? how did you escape that fate? Will you try to rejuvenate the clan, or are you resigned to it passing into history?

Among another race – You were raised among a family of dwarves. Did your family live among that race when you were born, or did some other circumstance bring you there?

Social Outcast – What made your dwarf parents abandon the city life? How does society react to the last of the true Golden Lions, how do you react to them?

Hunter – You are a skilled hunter. Did you hunt animals or monsters? Did you hunt to support a family or were you a loner?

Mercenary Work – What drove you to mercenary work? What work did you take up and for whom? Are you still in there employ, if not, why not?

Golden Plains – You were raised in an arid savannah-land, dotted with patches of hardy trees and cut by rocky gullies. How did you and your family survive? Do you long for the simple life of the plains, or are you thankful to be free of their constant hardships? How do you cope with the overwhelming variety of sights and smells in urban

Xanfire Wolfbite

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