Scales of War

21st Day of Reaping, 4V249
The Lord of Rivenroar

On the dawn of their third day in the catacombs of Castle Rivenroar, the group of fledgeling adventurers awoke before an alter to the Raven Queen. They headed up through the Rivenroar crypt and the ettercap lair and ascended a staircase into the crypt of the Von Adrez-Kauthin family. Here, a number of hobgoblins were waiting for them, spitting drakes at their back. They set up a phalanx around the entrance, but Norah leaped forward and slew three of the four immediately with a flurry of her full-blade. While she held back the last, the other party members charged into the room, avoiding the corrosive drake spit. With all their might against the two small drakes, their victory came swiftly, even when a goblin vexer burst in from an adjacent burial chamber. James and the spell-caster desperately cast powers and counter-powers but this left the vexer open and Brandis and Lohgan where able to surround him with Norah’s assistance. Brandis then lead the way in to the chamber, where his torch illuminated three sarcophagi jutting out of the floor. While Norah and the rescued townsfolk stood back, the others tried to pry open the ancient burials to see what was inside. James’ curiosity was rewarded and he discovered, clutched to the breast of a long dead Von Adrez-Kauthin, a Blessed Book, along with some Rhestilorian coinage.

It was only after this that Brandis paid heed to the captive chained to the wall of this chamber. She flung herself at him immediately after being freed, praising Ioun for his skill in combat and thanking him for his bravery in the slaughter of her captors. Brandis recognised the symbol of Ioun around her neck and she confirmed that she was indeed the acolyte Jalissa.

Opening up the door opposite the tombs, Brandis discovered a crossroads and stood there at a loss for which way to go. His mind was made up for him though as a group of patrolling undead rounded the corner and lunged for him. The ghouls were not able to pin him however, and in the narrow corridors the party again had the upper hand. Brandis held most of the creatures back away from the less armoured members of the group while the assassin and monk twins darted in and out of combat, landing damaging blows on their enemies. Eventually the zombies begun to break the line and one made a grab at Brandis. The warden was quick to retaliate though, swinging the Thane’s Blood Mace and knocking the zombie’s head clean off its shoulders. The other zombie was felled almost as easily and it wasn’t long before the ghouls felt the wrath of James’ sacred flames.

Looking through the rooms patrolled by the undead guards, James noticed that a sun patterned mosaic on the floor was actually a secret holy symbol of Vecna, which was radiating unholy energy. Moving on they found a pool of water in a room on a lower level. James recognised the scrying spell used and when Norah kicked at the pool’s surface the ripples begun to cycle through images of other rooms in the catacombs. These pictures finally offered some clues as to where the artefacts that the party was requested to find where and they set off to try and locate the last remaining townsfolk and to find these treasures. In the next room they were able to recover the boy Thurann who was quick to ask why his father Kartenix was not with them. They tried to suggest that he had ventured back outside after being rescued in order to make safe their escape, but the boy refused to accept that his father would leave him in chains and Brandis and Zerriksa cracked, informing the boy of his father’s death and leaving him in a state of shock.

After recovering some more coins from the tombs of dead Rivenroar guardsmen, the group ventured up an important looking corridor and into the chamber beyond. Before them, in their thrones, sat none other than the Lord and Lady Rivenroar. The Lord of Rivenroar, a Deathlock Wight, awoke as the party entered and commanded to life several long dead soldiers of his house guard. Norah rushed in and cut one in two, the rest of the group close behind her, fanning out to tackle the other skeletons. They were quickly destroyed and the group closed in around the lord and lady. Lohgan grabbed the Wight from behind using his garrotte and the undead creature was dispatched with James’ radiant power. Soon afterwards, Norah took a few sweeps at the Lady Rivenroar withe her fullblade and shattered her utterly, leaving little more than shards of bone.

Continuing on, through the Lord’s chamber, the party encountered an Evistro demon, pacing around the centre of the next room. Brandis stepped forward to taunt the beast, and found it trapped behind a magical barrier and unable to retaliate. At least not at first, for as he stood before the beast, a pair of wererats rounded the next corner and freed the demon from its magical bonds. A melee soon broke out and to add to the confusion, James grabbed a nearby brazier and pulled it down, the flammable content spilling over half the chamber and eventually covering near half the room in flames.
The group managed to get past the wererats through, and slay the demon. In the next chamber they encountered a gnome arcanist and an additional two wererats but they prooved no match for the party, even the gnome’s power to fade to invisibility didn’t save him from the assassin Lohgan’s deadly strangle. Once all the enemies had been dispatched, the adventurers noticed a pile of treasure stacked below the stone obelisk at the end of the chamber. It was in fact most of the treasure stolen from the Hall of Great Valor in Brindol, specifically the old Red Hand shields, the battle standard of Brindol and a ceremonial platinum longsword.

With only one captive left to find, and two relics of the Red Hand war, the group decided to send Brandis back to wait in the entrance hall with the townsfolk they had rescued so far while the others searched through the pathways they had skipped past earlier.

Heading into the upper levels of the catacombs, the remaining adventurers came a cross an unusually cold, dark chamber and decided to make their way through there as carefully, and stealthily, as possible. It payed off as they snuck all the way to Sinruth’s chamber without him noticing. James and Norah stalled the chieftain while Lohgan snuck arround to gain an advantage against him. James suggested that they had come to join Sinruth’s war band, but Sinruth’s was determined that adventurers had foiled Azzar Kul and the new Red Hand would have none of their ilk. He unclipped the spiked chain from his belt and swung out at the party. It was at this time that another would-be adventurer, the mercenary Xanfire Wolfbite awoke in the corner of the room. He had been sent to kill the Hobgoblin chief but had been captured by a goblin patrol several days earlier. His wolf Poncho and he had been brought to Sinruth for final judgement but now took the opportunity for retaliation, Poncho leaping forward to claw at the hobgoblin as Xanfire notched an arrow to his bowstring.

Despite managing to trip Norah, the hobgoblin chief could not hold up against the onslaught from all sides, and eventually he found himself distracted and paid for it with Norah’s blade slicing through his thick skull. On his body the group discovered several maps used during the raid on Brindol, as well as a mysterious letter signed by an individual known only as The Emissary. Poncho tore the right hand from the hobgoblin for Xanfire to prove his kill, and the group took from him the ornate iron gauntlets that they needed to return to the Hall of Valor. On the sarcophagus in the room they also found resting, the Dragoncrest helm, the final relic from the first War of the Red Hand.

Xanfire helped the group track down the final hostage from the raid, a dwarf alchemist named Adronsius. The dwarf was close to death and barely conscious, but poncho tracked him down and ran ahead to grab him. As Xanfire went to follow, a swarm of needle fang drakes swarmed out of the dark alcoves and he was pulled down by the mass. The others rushed to help but Lohgan was punished for his uncharacteristic lack of stealth as a bolt from the shadows revealed another gnome skulk had been ready and waiting for them. Lohgan cried out in pain and rushed to attack the gnome. Eventually the party were able to defeat the drakes, but the gnome managed to slip away. By the end of combat, Poncho had already dragged an unconscious Aronsius to the entrance and so the group left the crypt to meet up with Brandis and the other citizens of Brindol.

Once everyone was safely outside of the catacombs, the adventurers decided to barricade the entrance in order to assure no one would be able to reclaim it any time soon. Once that was done, the group made straight for Brindol, preferring to put rest off until the rescued citizens were safe.

20th Day of Reaping, 4V249
Rescue at Rivenroar

Waking early, the party backtracked past the rage drake in the mushroom chamber, who with his face in a pile of Slumberspores, was unlikely to trouble them. They decided to follow the tracks in the main chamber this time and stumkbled through in to the goblin’s living quarters—and stayed on the alert. The hobgoblins their quickly formed a phalanx to blocked the group in the corridor.

After another tough battle, Lohgan ran North, down a long dark corridor which had sourced several goblin archers in reinforcement to the phalanx. His quick reflexes let him leap and swing over several dark pits with ease and coming to a corner. The room around the corner was brightly lit and filled with some waiting hobgoblins. Lohgan was quick to move into position and fire a crossbow bolt through a hobgoblin’s head, killing him instantly. The other hobgoblins charged towards him while an archer took up a post on top of a sarcophagus.

Meanwhile, Brandis had turned off to the left of the corridor and when he entered the side chamber, he noticed the flickering image of another world across the expanse of the wall to his right. He begun to examine the image and as he did, a clear, oozing jelly squelched out of the image, cutting him off from the main passage-way. He cried out to James and Norah, who had stayed in the living quarters to protect Zerriksa. They decided to try and find another way around and quickly joined Brandis in fighting the jelly. Although they were ambushed by the ghosts, they eventually won the fight and ran to join Lohgan.

Just as they finished mopping up the hobgoblins, they noticed a guard drake heading down the spiral staircase towards the back of the room.
While preparing to do battle with the drake, they managed to break open several of the Rivenroar family sarcophagi, James finding a Symbol of Hope and Lohgan picking up a pair of Swiftpad Boots.

The party cornered the guard drake at the base of the staircase and made short work of the creature. Ascending to the upper level of the catacombs, the party came to a small landing covered in webs. There they found the body of Kartenix, who had been slain while trying to overpower his captors. They killed the ettercaps still guarding the corpse, then tossed a coin to decide whether they would head upstairs or down.
The result designated down, and they took the stairs South, emerging in the Von Urstadt crypt. As they entered the room, a door to the North swung open, two creatures made out of magma appeared in the doorway, guardians of some kind. The party pushed them up against the wall, but were unaware that two Gnomes where sneaking around behind them. The gnomes attacked the party with combat advantage and wounded several of them. Thankfully, James was able to heal their injuries and the party eventually destroyed the magma creatures and killed the gnome skulks. Brandis found the tomb of the Thane Von Urstadt and from it recovered the Thane’s Blood Mace.

Continuing through the door that the magma guardians had appeared from, the party made their way down another flight of stairs to a room that smelled of decay and human excrement. A dignified gentleman with graying hair was in one of the jail cells and he adjusted his slightly-cracked monocle as he realized these weren’t his captors. Sertanian recognized Brandis, as he had been a foot soldier in the war against the Red Hand of Doom and the two had served beside each other.
Lohgan picked the cell’s lock and Sertanian explained that Mirtala, the barmaid from the Antler and Thistle, had been kept with him until recently in a small fresco chamber off from the Rivenroar crypt. The party continued along the passageways of the catacombs, finding their way back to the chamber where they had fought the jelly. Knowing that this was close to where Mirtala should be, the hurried through to the fresco chamber.

Mirtala, eyes wild with terror, was tied to an alter to the Raven Queen with dire rats biting at her. The group quickly dispatched the rats, and even handled the gnomes lurking in the shadows who tried to ambush the adventurers. James contracted Filth Fever while trying to treat Mirtala, who was also suffering from the disease.

Mirtala was able to tell them that Adronsius was in the crypt of the family starting with a J, but she didn’t know where that was or how to get there. The party decided that their best bet would be to head up the stairs from the landing where they found Kartenix, first things first though, they decided that they had earned a night’s rest.

19th Day of Reaping, 4V249
Into the Catacombs

The group awoke, and after a brief argument about what was to be done with Morrik, decided it would be better for everyone if he never made it back to Brindol. Soon after the execution, the party found stairs descending into the ruins. Loghan led the way into the darkness.

At the base of the stairs, a quartet of hobgoblins was waiting, with two goblins guarding the door behind them. There were three sets of doors, and two burning braziers that filled the room with light. They charged forward before anyone could react, and bottled the adventurers up in the stairwell.

The group eventually killed the hobgoblins and tried to determine the best course of action. Brandis noticed that their were a large number of goblin tracks leading to the door to the left of the entrance. In light of the fact, the group decided it would serve them best to head through the central doors.

At the base of a long set of stairs, the party discovered a chamber completely buried in colonies of fungus. Picking his way through, Lohgan realised that he recognised several of the mushroom species, an begun harvesting them.

Meanwhile, two rage drakes were creeping up on the party. Norah sprung to the aid of her brother, setting off a group of Shrieker Mushrooms. Brandis managed to pluck up a cloudspore and quickly ate it, unaware of its effects until upon requesting healing, James replied that he had no idea where he was, despite being only five feet away. By the time the concealment wore off, Lohgan and Norah had slain one of the drakes, and Brandis quickly lured the other into a patch of Slumberspores.

Slipping over the unconscious drake, the party found themselves in a cold stone room, with an elderly woman lying in the centre of a magic circle. The woman was Zerriksa, who Lohgan and Norah recognised as the witch of Brindol. Zerriksa explained that she was not really able to wield magic, but that the goblins had believed the rumours and trapped her in a magic suppressing cage. James begun to dispel the magic aura, and the rest of the party secured the entrance so the they could use it to rest in.

18th Day of Reaping, 4V249
Tracking the Red Hand

On the morning following the raid on Brindol, Alys, message runner for the Brindol City Council sought out the individuals who had handled themselves admirably during the goblin attacks, tracking them down quickly and efficiently as she informed them that Councilman Eofrram Troyas wished to meet with them at the ninth bell. All four assembled outside of Troyas’ house, and were shown immediately into Troyas’ study where they found the half-elf pacing. He spoke with the group at length, taking the measure of each individual, before describing the offer he he had for them. Citizens of Brindol had been taken, and precious treasures from the Great Hall of Valor had also been stolen. However, the party were distrustful of his secrecy and refused to commit to a deal before a meeting could be arranged with the entire council. Before the full council, with all intentions laid out clear and plain, mutual trust was finally established and the party set off to the stocks where they had permission to interrogate Morrick, a hobgoblin captured in the previous night’s raid.

Inexperienced in the art of bartering with prisoners, the party was unable to get the hobgoblin to talk, although they did convince the council to allow them to take Morrik on as a guide on the condition that they return him safely to stand trial.

Unfortunately, Morrik spent most of the time pleading to be untied, and was only a rough guide at best. Closing on the Castle Rivenroar, Lohgan’s eyes failed him. He had trouble picking out the goblin tracks, and the party stumbled upon a nest of kruthiks, reptilian critters with toxic tail spikes. Fortunately for everyone, the accuracy of their tail flicks was poor and soon the kruthiks and their young fell to the adventurers’ blades. Picking their way back to the trail, they forged onward, making better time as the sun went down.

As they reached the castle walls, they made camp amongst the ruins and waited for the morning to begin their rescue attempt.

17th Day of Reaping, 4V249
The Raid on Brindol

The hot sun finally dropped lower, casting long shadows across the busy streets of Brindol. Workers and tradesmen quit work for the evening, artisans closed up their booths and shops, and many were enticed to the lively sounds and mouth-watering smells coming from the taverns.

The Antler and Thistle was one such tavern, and within it, several sat, as yet unaware that they were destined for greatness.

  • Lohgan Ravenshade. An Elven artist, born and raised within the city walls but inexplicably knowledgeable in the dark arts of assassination.
  • Brother James. A Human Cleric of Bahamut who lost his parents during the war and was raised by a mysterious sage on the outskirts of Talar.

Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed four hobgoblins. Screaming out the battle cries for Sinruth, and for the Red Hand. The hobgoblins quickly engaged the patrons closest to the door. Shortly thereafter, more hobgoblins and goblins entered, from both the front and back entrances, attacking patrons and setting fire to the inn. Chaos ensued as fighting broke out and people fled for their lives. About half of the bar patrons where saved, and the fire extinguished, but the barmaid Mirtala had been dragged from the inn during the combat and was nowhere to be seen.

Soon after combat, a number of town guardsmen arrived at the scene, along with Lohgan’s twin sister Norah, and pressed the party into the service of the city militia to help quell further hobgoblin attacks, and they were quickly needed.

Around the corner from the Antler and Thistle, a lumbering Ogre was dragging a cart full of explosive casks. As it came into view, the Ogre launched a flaming cask at the group but his shot fell short and hit the cobbled street before the party’s feet. All of the group escaped damage and charged headlong into melee, hoping to engage two sharpshooters in combat and avoid any further barrels being thrown by the Ogre. Their success in the inn however had given them false confidence and they took some serious damage, all but Norah falling unconscious as a result of severe injuries. However, Lohgan was able to fight through the pain and regain his conciousness and, waiting until the Ogre was near on top of him, he spread poison over his Katar and reached up to deal a fatal blow.

As the party tended their wounds, they were met by a second group of city militia coming from another direction. They were on their way to the bridge to help with the fighting there. After a short break, the adventurers made for the bridge only to find that the fighting was over and that the resurgent Red Hand had fled into the night.

The rest of the night was spent tending to the wounded, putting out fires, recovering the dead and assessing the damage.

Rumors abound that this was just a raid and that the rest of the resurgent Red Hand Army will arrive shortly. The citizens of Brindol are in a near panic. It may have been 23 years since the Red Hand War, but enough people remember the terrible Siege of Brindol.

The Story so Far

“The world has never been a safe place. Bastions of civilization populate a dark, menacing world – islands of order and reason exit in a land otherwise overrun by dark cults, vile monster, creatures from the dark edges of the imagination, and worse. As deadly as the world is on a normal day, something has begun to stir on the fringes of the civilized Elsir Vale. Formerly the site of an attack by an army known as the Red Hand, the vale has know over two decades of peace since brave adventurers stormed into the teeth of the approaching Hand and sent them scurrying back into darkness.”

You find yourself in the city of Brindol, a walled town of moderate size on the Elsir River, situated in the vale. Brindol serves as the major town for the many small farming villages in this rich and fertile valley. The merchants make use of the river and The Dawn Way – the main trade road.

After two goods seasons and exceptional crops, the summer heat has arrived. It’s been above 37° for the past four days, and there’s been no rain for three weeks. There have been several grass fires lately. The largest one was near Talar. It left several square miles of scorched earth. The fires, coupled with recent bandit attacks in the wilderness have caused the city to swell with outlying farmers “visiting family” for the time. There is a sense of unease and the farmers are restless.

In the past few days, you’ve heard that some threat from the west has the dwarves of Overlook calling any and all local heroes to Overlook where they will amass an army for defense of the Vale.

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