Character Creation Guide

Choose one from each of the following sections:


The Raven Queen

Lawful Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
True Neutral

Choose 6 backgrounds. You may choose the benefit from one of these backgrounds, but all of them will shape your character and how they evolve.
One Scales of War background from.
• Arcane student who saw too much
• Auspicious Birth
• Brother in Battle
• Cloistered Priest
• Con Artist
• Crusading Zealot
• Cult Escapee
• Detective
• Eldritch Harlequin
• Explorer/Guide
• Forest Warden
• Former Barbarian
• Fugitive from a Vengeful Battle
• Gritty Sergeant
• Haunted Veteran
• Imbuer
• Last of the Breed
• Magic Scholar
• Merchant Prince
• Missing Master
• Monster Hunter
• Nobel Bred for War
• Noble Scion
• Officer who came out of retirement
• Political Rebel
• Prison Conversion
• Recent Convert
• Redemption Seeker
• River Smuggler
• Scion of an Ancient Bloodline
• Scorned Nobel
• Seducer
• Seeker of the Lost Clan
• Silent Hunter
• Street Urchin
• Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy
• Travelling Missionary
• Veteran who can’t let go
• Wandering Duelist
• Wandering Mercenary
• Warsmith

One General background about your birth from.
• Any Race specific background available to you
• Parentage – Draconic Adoption
• Parentage – Impoverished
• Parentage – Minstrel Family
• Parentage – Monk Business
• Parentage – Nobel
• Parentage – Orphan
• Birth – Among another race
• Birth – Blessed
• Martial – Garrison Child

One General background to determine your past from.
• Early Life – Child Prodigy
• Early Life – Divine Companionship
• Early Life – Imprisoned
• Early Life – Invited Underground
• Early Life – Isolated
• Early Life – Kidnapped
• Early Life – Lost Everything
• Early Life – Social Outcast
• Early Life – Well-Loved

One General background explaining how you make a living from.
• Occupation – Artisan
• Occupation – Entertainer
• Occupation – Farmer
• Occupation – Mariner
• Occupation – Merchant
• Occupation – Military
• Occupation – Scholar
• Occupation – Bounty Hunter
• Occupation – Executioner
• Occupation – Foe Killer
• Occupation – Hunter
• Occupation – Infiltrator
• Occupation – Poison Master
• Occupation – Zealous Slayer
• Athlete
• Beggar
• Embalmer
• Grave Digger
• Orc Slayer (dwarves only)
• Sage
• Surgeon
• Sentry
• Treasure Hunter
• Theologist

One General background detailing recent life from.
• Refugee
• Recent Life – Explorer of the Ancient
• Recent Life – Mercenary Work
• Recent Life – Peaceful Life
• Recent Life – Spreading the Word
• Recent Life – Teambuilding Exercise
• Recent Life – Valued Prisoner
• Wrongs to be Righted
• Out for Vengence
• Failed Thane
• Pivotal Event – Amazing Creation
• Pivotal Event – Escape
• Pivotal Event – Murder
• Pivotal Event – You Kill

One General background and corresponding birthplace.
• Geography – Desert – Dunesend
• Geography – Forest – Witchcross, Talar, or
The Westdeep – This dense forest grows in the narrow depression between the Stoneholm and Wyrmsmoke Mountains. A dangerous place, several tribes of xenophobic elves live here, and they do not take kindly to trespassers. Conflict between the loggers at Lantern and the elves has come close to open war, and it’s known that if the elves attack, the dwarves will be forced to respond.

• Geography – Mountains – Hammerfist Holds

• Geography – Urban – Brindol, Overlook or
Sayre – An artistic, monument-filled city built in a particularly beautiful valley. Sayre holds a university and a large number of artisans, making it a popular site for those who deal in either information or fine art. Most inhabitants are human, elf, eladrin, or halfling. Some dwarves also live in Sayre, although they tend to keep to themselves.

• Geography – Wetlands – Rhest, or
Ashenport – It stands a lonely vigil atop a remote shore, hunkered down against the terrible ocean storms. For most of the year, it sits alone, for trade in the region has decreased. If this were any other town, it would long since have been forgotten, or perhaps even abandoned. But this is no other village; here, the fish are plentiful, the crops grow and thrive despite the rocky soil. Here, the ocean offers up its riches willingly, like a bashful lover.

Pick an age between 12-45
Choose a Name
(If you are chose a Nobel background or Seeker of the Lost Clan, you need only supply a first name for now)

Pick a Class

And your done.

Character Creation Guide

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