Elven Deity of Eternal Life and Purity

The deity of elves and eternal life and purity, Corellon Larethian, usually appears as an androgynous elf clad in a sky-blue cloak and armed with a longbow and longsword. He also wears a large, circular amulet that bears his crescent moon symbol. He has a lithe and swift look about him, and his movements are both swift and graceful.
Corellon Larethian is the creator and protector of the elven race. To them, he governs those things held in highest esteem among elves, such as magic, music, arts, crafts, poetry, and warfare. Gruumsh, the deity of orcs, is his nemesis, and it is because of Corellon’s battle prowess that Gruumsh is called “One-Eye.”

Corellon’s clerics often wear blue cloaks. They serve as leaders, teachers, diplomats, and generals in elven communities. They train others in the arts of combat and magic while honing their own skills, and they serve as mediators in any disputes that may arise from the elves’ independent lifestyle. They usually seek to maintain cordial relations with other good, sylvan creatures.
Corellon’s temples can be located anywhere elves live, usually in sylvan woodlands. Though always beautiful and designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, they are invariably both sturdy and defensible. They are often placed on hilltops, river crossings, and other locations of strategic significance. Living plants or trees are always included in a temple of Corellon, either as decoration as part of the structure.

In large elven cities temples to Corellon Larethian may be alabaster wonders with soaring spires. In smaller communities, they may be built among the branches of a large tree such as a valenwood. Most temples are happy to lend aid to traveling elves and any other race that plans to oppose the drow.

Corellon Larethian is worshiped at natural geological formations. His rituals are integrated with the major events of elven life, such as births, coming of age rites, weddings, and funerals.
Prayers to Corellon, which are always in Elvish, begin “Hei-Corellon shar-shelevu,” which means, “Corellon, by your grace grant…” Before battle, worshipers of Corellon recite a prayer called the Litany of Arrows.

Myths & Legends

  • The Orbs of Dragonkind
    Little is known about the true origin of the Orbs of Dragonkind, but according to legend Corellon Larethian appeared to elfkind soon after they began to unlock the secrets of magic. He bequeathed upon the elves 5 orbs of great power that would give them the necessary might to throw off the yoke of wyrmkind and enable their culture to flourish. Now, with the mastery of elfin magic and the great reduction in the might and numbers of dragonkind, the need for the orbs had diminished substantially. Nevertheless, they continue to hold symbolic value and so each of the great elfin civilization keep one orb within their greatest temple to Corellon.

Corellon lives in the realm of Arvandor on the plane of Arborea. Also called Arvanaith in its role as the elven afterlife, Arvandor is said to have been taken from the gods of the giants after a lengthy war. Ruins of giant citadels still dot the land there. The elven gods are thought to have invaded from the plane of Ysgard, hungry for a realm of their own. The realm is a place of deep forests and fey beauty.
Corellon dwells in a magnificent tower of marble in the center of the realm. In Elven, it is called Gwyllachaightaeryll, the Many-Splendored. The art that decorates the tower’s many rooms is constantly changing. Only the central throne room is a constant.
In other legends it is believed that Corellon Larethian’s deific realm, the Crescent Grove, rests at the heart of Arvandor. It is said that the Crescent Grove is one of the most beautiful places in all of divine creation. In the center of the Crescent Grove stands Corellon’s Tower, the palace of the Coronal of Arvandor. The palace, made of marble, crystal, and plant life is a perfect synthesis of artistry and nature. Council Hall, a chamber in Corellon’s Tower, is where, every so often, all members of the Seldarine meet and discuss their problems.

Corellon concerns himself with all aspects of elven welfare. He also remains alert to any taint of evil among the elves, and he seeks to stamp out any evil influence the moment it appears. Corellon played a leading role in the schism that ultimately resulted in the banishment of the drow underground.
Corellon spurs his people toward self-reliance, vigilance against danger, and appreciation of the world’s beauty. It is Corellon’s influence that leads elves to study magic and swordplay for the duration of their long lives, to serve as guardians and caretakers of the forests, and to appreciate aesthetic pleasures in spite of their warrior heritage.

“The elves are sculptors and wardens of magic’s endless mysteries. Bring forth the beauty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered. Seek out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those that would destroy what they cannot create. Commune with the natural and mystical world. Be ever vigilant against the return of the banished darkness, and be strong in heart against the corruption of the Spider Queen.”


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