Diamond League

A band of adventurers who had traveled to Brindol from the city of Jedinchel in the north in search of treasure at the base of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, in the ruins of Vraath Keep. During their time in the Elsir Vale, the Diamond League proved themselves valiant defenders of the people. They led raids on the Red Hand supply lines during the War of the Red Hand, garnered allies from neighboring elven and dwarven settlements, and ruined more than a few of Azarr Kul’s war plans. They killed Azzar Kul on the 23rd day of Reaping (4V226) and, after turning back the forces of darkness, they worked alongside friends and neighbors to rebuild what could be salvaged until eventually there was nothing more they could do. Some retired and returned to their homes to begin families of their own, others wandered the rest of their days and never returned to the Vale.

The Diamond League consisted of:

Edgar Sommerfield, human warlord
Mari Silverkin, human wizard
Benn Stalkingwolf, half-elf fighter
Valna Gentleharp, elf cleric

Diamond League Day is celebrated in the town of Brindol on the 23rd day of Reaping, every year to commemorate the deeds of those who saved Brindol and the Vale from the Red Hand of Doom.

Diamond League

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