Dunesend was built on the ruins of the dwarven supply depot that once served Clan Ironfell’s hidden mining operations in the desert. All that remains of the original dwarven enclave are scattered foundations and a single watchtower. However, the dwarves’ carefully constructed system of spring-fed wells and cisterns still functions, allowing those who dwell here to farm the scrubland and eke out an existence in the harsh landscape.

In years past, trade caravans made Dunesend a waypoint along an east-west road. Today, the road is sand and the caravans have all but vanished. The handful of families remaining in Dunesend do so because they have nowhere else to go.

Population: 183. The isolated population of Dunesend are all human with the exception of Bede, the halfling baker. Though they have little exposure to nonhumans, the folk of the village have no malice or prejudice against them.

Government: The settlement is lead by the village elder, Lotho Elberesk, owner of the Dunesend Caravansary.

Supplies: Dunesend Caravansary, Bede’s Bakery; Darkus’ Forge.


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