Deity of Civilization, Order and Politics

Erathis is the god of civilization. He is the muse of great creations of man, founder of cities, and author of laws. Rulers, judges, politicians, and devoted citizens revere him, and his temples hold prominent places in most of the world’s major cities.
It is said that Erathis provided the spark that brought humans out of the darkness and into providence. Followers of Erathis can be found in every human settlement, but the majority tend to gravitate toward large towns or cities.. Those that dwell outside of cities, in particular the elves, are seen as savages and lesser beings than humans. The Church of Erathis has many missionary operations throughout the vales with the sole purpose of “civilizing” wild areas.

Erathis has straightforward commandments, all centered on one goal; build and maintain civilization. His commandments do not command behavior from individuals, but instead motivate the whole towards a purpose. He commands society, not the person, and even pits societies against one another for the sake of simple testing.
It comes as no surprise to learn that the church of Erathis has a rather strict internal order based on a rigid military structure, but the leeway given to the individual members to pursue their own goals does come as something of a shock to new recruits and visitors. Responsibility to a society begins with responsibility to the self. The Erathian philosophy of Unity exhorts members to do what is best for the whole by enriching themselves, though always in the context of assisting others.

Erathis has two primary places of worship in Azolin; the Cathedral of Aurosion and the University Chapel of Kerith-Ald. Many other temples exist throughout Azolin, always in major centers of civilization, that are dedicated to Erathis. These include the Aposkos, the Temple of Law, and Zerthadlun. These temples usually double as meeting places for local government and politics and act as neutral ground for disputes and sometimes even courts of law.

Once in every follower’s life they must undertake the Crimson Pilgrimage which takes the devotee of Erathis to the far ends of the world in order to visit every major city in both the vales and the lands beyond. At each city the follower conducts specific rites, rituals and ceremonies to Erathis and consecrates their presence in the city. Those who complete the pilgrimage are promised boons in the afterlife, a place among the Bright City assured. Those that die before their pilgrimage is complete are doomed to walk the face of the world as a ghost until such time as their mortal vessel or remains can be taken through the journey by the living.

Myths and Legends

  • Hestavar
    Before the dawn of man, Erathis dwelled in an open city upon an earthmote in the Astral Sea. He worked hard to establish a “lattice of heaven”, a network of Astral Dominions forming a divine community (not unlike the Great Wheel cosmology postulated by some scholars). The unformed lattice was however broken at the outbreak of the war against the primordials and Erathis was forced to fuse his dominion with those of Pelor and Ioun forming the city of Hestavar. He dwells in the magnificent palace of Aurosion.

Hestavar, the Bright City, is the infinite city that floats amidst the endless Astral Sea. Erathis dwells within the magnificent palace called Aurosion therein. The cosmopolitan heaven of Hestavar is the most beautiful, richest, and civilized of all cities in the multiverse. This light-drenched oasis can feel familiar and downright cozy in contrast to the weird void of the Astral Sea that surrounds it. Its grand architecture and gem-paved streets shine brightly upon the stone settings of its lagoon’s islands and earthmotes. Its gardens and parks are both lush and manicured, retaining their verdant beauty without a hint of the overgrown chaos indicative of the Feywild. Its people are cultured, civilized, and known for their passion for philosophy, craft, and the arts.

His laws are many, but their purpose is straightforward:

  • Work with others to achieve your goals. Community and order are always stronger than the disjointed efforts of lone individuals.
  • Tame the wilderness to make it fit for habitation, and defend the light of civilization against the encroaching darkness.
  • Seek out new ideas, new inventions, new lands to inhabit, new wilderness to conquer. Build machines, build cities, build empires.


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