Golden Lions

A legendary Razorclaw chieftain of the Golden Plains, the Golden Lion of Summer was a warrior renowned for her single-minded ferocity and military cunning. Her cloak, armour, and boots were fashioned from the hide of a desert lion and her weapons bore the mark of the same beast.

Despite her reputation as a scourge of Rhestilor, the Golden Lion and her clan answered when called to the aid of the empire in the face of the gnoll invasion in 3V400.
Her clan fought desperately alongside the men of the vales to try and repel the invaders, and it was the power of her regalia which helped her slay the gnoll army’s chieftain, and cut off the invading forces. Unfortunately, the Golden Lion lost her life in one of the final battles of the war.

Her people however remained, now apparently leaderless. They were taken in by the city of Rhest as a sign of gratitude to their former leader, and in time, founded the Golden Lions, an elite fighting unit renowned throughout all the vale. The best of all warriors and guardsmen flocked to join their ranks, or else looked on in envy.

The Golden Lions were a formidable force throughout the waning days of the Rhestilorian empire, but with the fall of Rhest, their power soon diminished. Those who were left were divided, and leaderless. Most remained within their units, some took up the lives of adventurers, those descended from the original Lion’s clan returned to the plains of their homeland. The largest fragment of the Golden Lions took up residence in the city of Brindol, where they would eventually form the Lion Guard, and take on responsibility of the city’s defences.

Golden Lions

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