Deity of Knowledge

Ioun is the unaligned god of knowledge and skill, is a patron of the study of all things, and is revered by wizards, scholars and tacticians.
Ioun is an outcast of sorts among the family of the pantheon. He seeks knowledge at any expense. To his followers, the acquisition of knowledge justifies methods used to obtain it. Many clerics of Ioun are wizards as well. To Ioun, magic is simply another form of knowledge to be explored and cataloged. The knowledge they have acquired is valuable, but many look upon them with suspicion and doubt their loyalty because they always seem to hold some information in reserve.
Ioun holds books and other forms of information storage as sacred. He also finds arcane magic intriguing and his minions have a tendency to horde everything they can find. Sharing this knowledge and discovering and exposing secrets are what Ioun treasures most. He and his followers love to have intimate knowledge of all happenings, especially those happenings only few others are privy to. The more disastrous the results of revealing the secret, the more it is relished.

Ioun is a popular deity among metallic dragons, second only to Bahamut. Among Ioun’s exarchs is the mithral dragon Athearsauriv, known as the Eye of Heaven. Normal followers are sages, scholars, scribes and all those that dedicate their lives to finding, preserving, and protecting knowledge. The Uvatha Conservatory has an abnormally high concentration of followers of Ioun.
When Ioun’s Chosen, Grand Patriarch Cullen Kordamant, disappeared more than 120 years ago, this faith was split between two major factions — Procampur’s Orthodox Church and the Oghmanyte Church in Exile. Orthodox priests are known as lorekeepers; they call themselves Namers. The exiled church are zealots of Ioun, stopping at nothing to discover knowledge. Both maintain expansive libraries and greedily pursue written texts and oral histories from across Azolin.
When taken to the extreme, the zealots of Ioun use any means necessary to uncover knowledge. To these few, torture is one of their useful tools for this purpose. Zealots of Ioun are notoriously persistent torturers, always trying to wrest just one more piece of information from the subject.

Libraries and most wizard towers are considered sacred to Ioun. Two such places – the Great Library of the Uvatha Conservatory and a place known only as the Watch Tower are examples of large temples (of sorts) to the church. Ioun is also worshiped in the Temple of the Mind of Zerthadlun alongside Corellon Larethian, Vecna and the Raven Queen.


  • Ioun’s Revelation
    Followers of Ioun conduct the Revelation in order to uncover some secret piece of knowledge; in essence stealing it from Vaermina and her clergy. The ritual takes many forms, and may run from the innocuous to the demonic, depending on the nature of the secret and the voraciousness of the clergy performing the rite. Sacrificing a follower of Vaermina in order to gain their secrets is not unknown to happen.

Myths and Legends

  • Ioun Stones
    Ioun stones are physical gifts from the deity and able to be created by his faithful and those dedicated to the study. When functioning, they float in a circular pattern around their bearer’s head, and grant various benefits based on their color and shape. Two stones of the same type will repel each other, and when drained of power, a stone becomes a dull grey, but still possesses the characteristic floating. Ioun stones are highly prized by arch-magicians, and are acquired from those who follow the deity or know the secrets of their creation. It had been conjectured that Ioun stones’ power come from the Positive Material Plane.

Ioun dwells in an unknown location within the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is the space between the planes. The Astral Plane is a great, endless sphere of clear silvery sky, both above and below. Occasional bits of solid matter can be found here, but most of the Astral Plane is an endless, open domain. Ioun is thought to by omniscient on this plane, knowing everything that transpires within.

“Knowledge is power. Pay anything to gather knowledge, but pay no more than you must. Magic is the metaphysical manifestation of knowledge, and the study and control of it is paramount to success. Be careful and succinct with your words, for they give knowledge to others. Specialize in a specific subject to bring us greater knowledge as a whole.”


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