The Vale Calendar

There are 28 days in each month, and the days of the week are Starday, Sunday, Moonday, Godsday, Waterday, Earthday, and Freeday. Godsday is associated with worship and Freeday is associated with rest. The other days are “work days.”

During the year there are four seven-day festivals, spaced at three month intervals. They are Midwinter, Growfest, Midsummer, and Brewfest. The addition of these festival weeks means that each year encompasses a total period of 364 days.

Years in the Vales are reckoned using the ages of the Vale Calendar (V), with the first age (1V) of the Vales having begun when the Dwarves rose up against their Giant and Orc overlords and won their freedom, forging the first Empire of the Vales. The 4th Age of the Vales begun with the destruction of Rhest. This campaign will begin in 4V249.

Month Name Season
1 Fireseek Winter
2 Readying Spring
3 Coldeven Spring
* Growfest Spring
4 Planting Low Summer
5 Flocktime Low Summer
6 Wealsun Low Summer
* Richfest Mid-Summer
7 Reaping High Summer
8 Goodmonth High Summer
9 Harvester High Summer
* Brewfest Autumn
10 Patchwall Autumn
11 Ready’reat Autumn
12 Sunsebb Winter
* Needfest Mid-Winter

Holy Days


  • 1st Needfest – Rite of the Stepping Stone – At this event, all followers of Avandra in attendance take turns stepping upon a large, flat runestone blessed by Avandra. There they renew their faith and declare their intentions for the coming year.
  • 1st Readying – Snowmealt – On this date, clergy who have earned advancement are formally acclaimed and presented with tokens and vestments appropriate to their new station.


  • 5th Growfest – Day of Justice – Marked with a day of fasting and prayer and ending in an extravagant party. Acts of justice, vigilante or otherwise, are commonplace among Bahamut’s faithful this day. Normally celebrated by the nobles with jousting tournaments.
  • 28th Sunsebb – Oathday – Atonements for the past year are made at night, and pledges and oaths for the coming year are made throughout the day.


  • 20th Fireseek, Planting, Reaping & Patchwall – Holy Day of Moradin
  • 10th Coldeven, Wealsun, Harvester & Sunsebb – Holy Day of Moradin
  • 1st Brewfest – Ancestor Day – Dwarves honor their Ancestors by lighting candles for those remembered and tucking their beards into their belts or into their shirts.
  • 7th Brewfest – Forge Day – First tapping of the Dwarves new ale. Originally a Dwarven holiday, it has now been adopted by most towns.


  • 4th Needfest – Breadgiving Day – A day of charity. On this day, the clergy of Pelor, distribute food to the poor.
  • 4th Growfest – Feast of Edoira
  • 4th Richfest – High Summer’s Day – This is probably the largest holiday in the region, and is a time of feasting, joy, and happiness.


  • 4th Richfest – Agelong – Elves hunt for orcs to slay in memory of Corellon’s battle against the god of the orcs, Gruumsh.
  • 1st Readying – Corellon’s Dawning – From sunrise to sunset, there are feasts and traditional dances. The Dawning is also a popular day for marriages.
  • 4th & 18th until Growfest, then 11th & 25th Numbered Months & 4th Growfest & Brewfest – Lateu’quor – followers of Corellon gather in moonlit glades for a ceremony known as the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon. There, they praise their Creator through song and dance and offerings of beautiful art to Corellon’s temples.


  • 7th Planting – Discourse Day
  • 8th Flocktime – Erathisar – The wealthier cities will have pyromatic displays to signify the light which civilization has brought into the world. It is also a popular day for the execution of criminals.


  • 12th Harvester – Day of Discovery – Celebrated by scholars and loathed by students, this is a day for quiet study and is typically the first day of school.
  • 6th Brewfest – Storyteller’s Night – The day is one of free exchange of information, recording events, reveling in history, keeping stories and memories alive.


  • 8th Reaping – Wildfire Day – Local competitions and youth right of passage events.
  • 28th Reaping – Day of Absolute Might – A feasting holiday, with sport, athletic competitions, and marital exhibitions. Military parades are common in larger cities.


  • 10th Patchwall – Melora’s Turn – Hay bales and strawmen are burned in bonfires in the countryside, but most cities pass this day with little notice.

Raven Queen

  • 4th Needfest – Queen’s Night – The longest night of the year is marked by ceremonies in the Raven Queen’s name, and it is a night to celebrate memories of those who have passed on. It is also considered lucky to wake early the following morning.
  • 28th Fireseek – Day of the Dead
  • 1st Sunsebb – Frost Day – Closed doors, few travelers are greeted this night.


  • 4th Richfest – Mystic Rites of the Luminous Cloud – Participants are transformed into shimmering, silvery light that darts across the heavens, learning sacred mysteries according to their level of spiritual development.
  • 11th until Growfest, 4th until Richfest, 25th until Brewfest, 18th until Needfest Numbered Months – Lunar Hallowing – Marked with personal meditation and a communal trance, and concluded with joyous freeform dance until the break of dawn.
  • 18th Patchwall – All Hallows Eve – Primarily a Fey holiday. Also known as a day of mischief.

Other Holidays


  • 23rd Reaping – Diamond League Day – Celebrated in the town of Brindol with picnics and ceremonies to commemorate the saviours of Brindol and the Vale.

The Vale Calendar

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